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Here is Shawn & His Family

Wife Lisa Helps in office together 14 years.

Three sons -   Chase, Jayden,  Trevor

Two - daughters   Jazzlyn & Savana 

       History of Schwoegler Remodeling LLC company

    Schwoegler Remodeling LLC we can do it all is a Family owned company!
We started the company May of 2012  out of our home, Our very First customer was a realitor

company for Whole house Remodels. In June we became Licensed contractors. Then in November 2012 we earned the trust of Imperial Garden East to become our First business company clients. In 2013 We became building trades members,  ABC Members, BBB Members and we worked for Wisconsin Management company to stucco there Building. We Worked for Monona Menards doing their Laminate and wood Display's in their store.  2014  we worked for Madison international speedway power washing bleachers,  U break it we fix it help making their east side store, we also became Lead certified. 2015  We doubled in customers, we also earn thumbtack award for best contractor of 2015. We worked for Megan custom framing, We have had many more customers helping us build what we have started, and are so ever grateful. We are a small business trying to get my Fathers name out there to earn your trust giving you Excellent, Affordable, Friendly, Craftsmanship quality work services you'll come to enjoy and expect for your Remodeling, & Handyman Needs!
Please take a moment to read about the owner Shawn & why his company means so much to him!


He worked for Michael F. Simon Builders right after he graduated high school and got his certification in electronics from de vry, in 1971 until the time of his illness for nearly 30 years. He was one of their foremen and a very skilled carpenter. Gary was loved and admired by all who worked for MFSB as well as clients who he worked for over the years. He always gave his personal input when clients had questions or needed guidance over decisions on architectural details in their home. He was fondly remembered as a master craftsman by co-workers and clients. He also owned his own company Schwoegler's Pre-Hung Doors and Millwork for over 20 years. He had lots of talents and trades he taught Shawn everything he knew as he grew up learning the trades. He was a good father and will always be in our heart and memories. His Legacy of hard working, very skilled carpentry, master craftsmanship will live on threw shawn's company!

 This has always been his dream to one day run his own

company and carry on his father's good name. Shawn was

taught most of what he knows growing up from his late father

Gary Schwoegler who worked for the amazing company

Michael F. Simon Builders. Shawn also learned more trades

on his own working for maley ceramic tile~  Jamie Ziegler

landscaping~   stonebridge condominiums ~ 

Remodeling, Apartments into condo's., G & M Plastering

doing stucco and eifis work, and for the last 5 years being a maintenance and janitorial man at East Side Lutheran Church & School. He has incredible talents, skills, drive, passion, his work is effortless craftsmanship quality. He knows

of all kinds of different trades, business organized, dedicated, hardworking, gives friendly & Professional service like no other company's out there. He wants to make his company something his father would be proud of. He is dedicated to keeping his fathers name in business for many years to come. Shawn is amazing husband, and a great father of 3 boys & 3 girl. They will be learning all that he knows to keep his company going for many years, it is shawn's dreams and hopes for the future!

Michael F. Simon Builders Crew 1987 and 1993

Huge Thank you to Michael F. Simon Builders. I'm so Greatful for all you have done for my Father and our Family!

My company is Dedicated to my Late Father Gary Michael Schwoegler & Michael F. Simon Builders